Friday, January 14, 2011

The Scrappy Cottage

Got an email and was asked if I would show my scrap space. So here it is. I painted all the furniture white then distressed it. Which my darling husband could not get. He said, "you took something old, painted it to look new, and then sanded it to look old again. Why?" I still dont think he gets it.

My work space. Well, I have to say it does not always look that clean.
I have a love for lamps as you can well see. I made the one on my work table a number of years ago.
The black cabinet holds all my papers and books. The white cabinet holds mini albums.
A nice place to sit, think, and pray. I made the curtains and pillows. So wish I could get more of that rose fabric.

Just a few storage ideas....
I had these in a closet for sometime. I loved them, and could not bring myself to get rid of them. But I told myself If I was going to keep them, they had to be used. So now I store ribbon in them
Old jar holds more girly ribbons.
My dad made these pen holders for me. I painted them white and added pink lace.

I keep my bling in sugar jars. I love the way it looks in them. The cabinet holds flowers and more jars of bling.
Well this is my little Scrappy Cottage, a place to be creative, rest, dream and have friends in......